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South Carolina

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South Carolina



What states, country, and/or bodies of water border it Georgia, North Carolina

What is the state capital? Columbia

List 2 or 3 large cities in the state:Charleston,Greenlle,andSpartanburg

What is the area (in square miles) of your state?30,111 sq

What is the highest elevation and how high is it? Sassafras Mountain, 3,560

What is the lowest elevation and how low is it?Atlantic Ocean,   Sea Level

Map (or link to a map) of state: 




Tell the date it became a state and what number state it was (1-50):May 23, 1788 (8th)

How did the state get its name (origin of name)?Taken from "Carolus," the Latin word for Charles and named after England's King Charles I

List 2 or 3 of the Native American tribes that are or were found in this state: Cataba,Charokee,Creek,andYuchi tribes

Tell about a famous person from this state:Jesse Jackson (1941), Civil rights leder



Who is the governor?Kikki Haley                                                                                 

Who are the U.S. senators from this state?Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham

How many U.S. House of Representatives members are from this state? 6

State Flag: 

 Flag of South Carolina (September 28, 1861)


What is mined  in the state? Crushed and brockin stone, Gold, Clay,Portlahd Clay

What crops are grown in the state? cucumber,snap beans,tomatoes, melons, potatoes,grains, and oil seeds                                                                                                                               



What is the average high January temperature of the state capital?5

What is the average high July temperature of the state capital?91°

What is the average low January temperature of the state capital?32°

What is the average low July temperature of the state capital?70°

What is the average precipitation for January of the state capital?4.4 in

What is the average precipitation for July of the state capital?5.5 in




What is the population of the state (year 2010 or later)? 601,731


State bird:Great Carolina Wren

State flower:  Yellow Jassamine

State tree:Cabbage Palmetto   

State song:Carolina

State nickname:Palmetto State

Tell about one more state symbol: State Animal: White tail deer


Recreation (What are some fun things to do in this state?): You can  go to Myrthle Beach, Myseum of Confederate History, and Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens.






What else would you like to tell about this state?I would like to learn more about the states Confederate History.





Bibliography (Where did you find your information?):

Use the bibme website to help you build your bibliography.

The official web site of the State  of South Carolina, South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation,  50 States. com, United States Census 2010, United States Department of Labor, and Things to do.com  




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