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What states, country, and/or bodies of water border it? Atlantic Ocean, New Hampshire, Quebec, New Brunswick

What is the state capital? Augusta

List 2 or 3 large cities in the state: Portland,Augusta,Bangor

What is the area (in square miles) of your state? 33,414 sq. miles

What is the highest elevation and how high is it? Mount Katahdin - 5,268 ft  (1,606 m)

What is the lowest elevation and how low is it? Atlantic Ocean - 0 ft  (0 m)

Map of state:



Tell the date it became a state and what number state it was (1-50): March 15, 1820 (23rd) 

List 2 or 3 of the Native American tribes that are or were found in this state: Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians of Maine, Passamaquoddy Tribe of Maine

Tell about a famous person from this state: Milton Brodley (board game inventor)

 How did the state get its name (origin of name)?  First used to distinguish the mainland from the offshore islands. It has been considered a compliment to Henrietta Maria, queen of Charles I of England. She was said to have owned the province of Mayne in France.


Who is the governor? John E. Baldacci 

Who is the lieutenant governor? No lieutenant governor.

Who are the U.S. senators from this state? Susan Collins, R (to Jan. 2015); Olympia J. Snowe, R (to Jan. 2013)

How many U.S. House of Representatives members are from this state? 2

State Flag:  The Maine flag

File:Flag of Maine.svg 


What is mined  in the state? Dimension Stone

What crops are grown in the state? Apples, potatoes,low-bush blueberries



What is the average high January temperature of the state capital? 27°

What is the average high July temperature of the state capital? 78°

What is the average low January temperature of the state capital? 10°

What is the average low July temperature of the state capital? 60°

What is the average precipitation for January of the state capital? 2.9 in

What is the average precipitation for July of the state capital? 3.3 in




What is the population of the state (year 2000 or later)? 1,274,923 (40th)



State bird: Chickadee

State flower: White pine cone and tassel

State tree: White pine tree

State song: State of Maine Song”

State nickname: Pine Tree State

Tell about one more state symbol: State fish: Landlocked salmon


Recreation (What are some fun things to do in this state?): Explore Maine by Bicycle With a Local Company.






What else would you like to tell about this state?  It has wolves.





Bibliography (Where did you find your information?):










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