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What states, country, or bodies of water border it? Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho

What is the state capital? Cheyenne

What are some major cities? Cheyenne, 55,731; Casper, 51,738; Laramie, 26,050; Gillette, 22,685; Rock Springs, 18,772; Sheridan, 16,333; Green River, 11,787; Evanston, 11,459; Riverton, 9,430; Cody, 9,100

What is the area (in square miles) of your state? 97,100 sq mi.

What is the highest point and how high is it? Gannett Peak at 13,804 Feet

What is the lowest point and how low is it? Belle Fourche River In CrookCounty





Tell when it became a state and what number state it is. July 10, 1890 (44)

How did the state get its name? From the Delaware Indian word, meaning “mountains and valleys alternating”; the same as the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania

List some of the Native American tribes found in this state:  cheyenne

Tell about a famous person from this state. Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956) Artist well known for his abstract paintings; Major force in the abstract expressionist movement. Born in Cody, WY



Who is the governor? Dave Freudenthal

Who is the lieutenant governor? Wyoming does not have a lieutenant governor.

Who are the U.S. senators from this state? barraasso john, erzi michael b

How many U.S. House of Representatives members are from this state? 1

State Flag: 

File:Flag of Wyoming.svg 


A bison on a blue field bordered in white and red. The state seal branded on the bison. The woman represents the state motto "Equal Rights" and the two men represent cattle ranchers and miners. The words "Livestock", "Mines", "Grains" and "Oil" represent Wyoming's wealth. The eagle and shield show support for the United States. The dates 1869 and 1890 tell when Wyoming organized as a territory of the United States and when it became a state 




List mining resources found in the state:  sand,and gravel helium coal and soda ash


List agricultural resources found in the state: sugar,beets,barley,beans,corn,and hay



What is the average high January temperature of the state capital? 37°F

What is the average high July temperature of the state capital? 82°F

What is the average low January temperature of the state capital? 15°F

What is the average low July temperature of the state capital? 54°F

What is the average precipitation for January of the state capital? 0.4 inches

What is the average precipitation for July of the state capital? 2.1 inches




What is the population of the state (year 2000 or later)? 493,782   Valley Glacier Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

nat058.jpg - Valley Glacier Yellowstone National Park Wyoming 


State bird: Western Meadowlark

State flower:Indian paintbrush

State tree:cottonwood

State song: Wyoming

State nickname: Equality State









What other interesting things did you learn about this state?

I like the State because I did not know it had so many people



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