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Fire going to the sea.


What states, country, or bodies of water border it?Pacific Ocean

What is the state capital? Honolulu

What are some major cities? Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Kaneohe

What is the area (in square miles) of your state? 6,423 sq mi. (16,637 sq

What is the highest point and how high is it?Pu'u Wekiu, Mauna Kea, 13,796

What is the lowest point and how low is it?Pacific Ocean Sea Level



Tell when it became a state and what number it is. Aug. 21, 1959 (50)

How did the state get its name? It is not know how it got its name.  The islands may have been named by Hawaii Loa, their traditional discoverer or they may have been named after Hawaii or Hawaiki, the traditional home of the Polynesians.

Tell about a historic figure from this state.  Father Damien's voluntary stay among the lepers of Molokai, ministering to thier physical and spiritual needs, has shown him to be one of the great-hearted humanitarians of all time.



Who is the governor? Neil Abercrombie

Who are the U.S. senators from this state?Akaka, Daniel K. and Inouye, Daniel K.

How many U.S. House of Representatives members are from this state? 2

State flag:




List resources mined in the state:sand and gravel

List crops grown in the state: cane sugar, pineapple, flowers, nursery products, coffee beans, bananas, macadamianuts 



What is the average high January temperature of the state capital? 80 degrees

What is the average high July temperature of the state capital? 87 degrees

What is the average low January temperature of the state capital? 65 degrees

What is the average low July temperature of the state capital? 74 degrees

What is the average precipitation for January of the state capital? 3.6"

What is the average precipitation for July of the state capital?0.6"



What is the population of the state (year 2000 or later)? 1,360,301 (2010)



State bird:  Nene

State flower: Yellow Hibiscus

State tree: Kakui

State song:"Hawaii Ponoi" (Hawaii's Own)

State nickname: Aloha State

Other - Humpback Whale



Where is somewhere to go and enjoy yourself in this state? Honolulu, because it is beautiful.



What other interesting things did you learn about this state? My state gem is called black coral.


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