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What states, country, or bodies of water border it? Georgia,Alabama,Atlantic and gulf of Mexico

What is the state capital? Tallahassee

What are some major cities? Orlando,Miami

What is the area (in square miles) of your state? 58,560 square miles

What is the highest point and how high is it? Britton Hill 345 feet

What is the lowest point and how low is it? Atlantic ocean 0 feet





Tell when it became a state and what number state it is. 27th state in 1845

How did the state get its name? From the Spanish Pascua Florida, meaning “feast of flowers” (Easter

List some of the Native American tribes found in this state: Ais

Tell about a famous person from this state. Steve "Lefty" Carlton (1944 - ) Baseball player. Born in Miami, FL



Who is the governor? Charlie Crist

Who is the lieutenant governor? Jeff Kottkamp

Who are the U.S. senators from this state? Bill Nelson (D) Mel Marting (R)

How many U.S. House of Representatives members are from this state? 15 members

State Flag: 



List mining resources found in the state: Portland cement,Phosphate rock,Sand and Gravel,Crushed and broken stone

List agricultural resources found in the state: Oranges,fresh vegetables,beef calves,and fresh seafood.



What is the average high January temperature of the state capital? 75°F

What is the average high July temperature of the state capital? 85°F to 90°F

What is the average low January temperature of the state capital? 30s to 40s

What is the average low July temperature of the state capital? 70°F

What is the average precipitation for January of the state capital? 40s to 50s

What is the average precipitation for July of the state capital? 60°F




What is the population of the state (year 2000 or later)? 18,089,888



State bird:Mockingbird

State flower: Orange blossom

State tree: Sabal palm

State song: Old Folks at Home

State nickname: Sunshine State

Other- State animal: Panther







What other interesting things did you learn about this state?: There are alligators because I like them.





Bibliography (Where did you find your information?):


Mcauliffe, Emily. Florida Facts and Symbols. Mankato: Capstone Press, 2003.





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